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THE COLONY, TEXAS and surrounding areas. 

Menu of services

General Service Rates:

Pet Sitting:Minimum $24 per visit (1-2 pets) Between hours 8 am to 9 pm. $2 each additional pet. (Included: Administer oral medication, potty break, feed, water, play time, pick up papers, mail and turn on/off lights, clean litter boxes or cages)

Dog Walks:Minimum $24 per visit (1 dog) 15-20 minutes. Between hours 8 am & 6 pm.  Monthly rates available.

Potty Breaks: Starting at $20 per visit (1-2 pets) $2 for each additional pet. 

Daytime Hourly care:starts at $35 per hour.

Overnight Visits: Minimum $75 per night (9 pm to 8 am) for 1-2 pets. $80 for up to 3-5 pets. An additional mid-day or dinner visit is available at a reduced rate.

Tuck in Service: We will check on your babies before nite-nite. Service begins after 9 pm starting at $29 (1-2 pets).

Pet Errands: Services include, picking up pet medications, supplies or food - $15 errand charge plus the cost of food or supplies. 

Pet Taxi:Let us take your pet to the groomer, vet, daycare or wedding - $25 for the first 1/2 hour.  $15 for each additional 1/2 hour. $25 minimum.

Please let us know if you need special services for your pets; custom quotes are available.

Holiday Rates:

Pet Sitting: Minimum $29 per visit (1-2 pets) $2 each additional pet.

Overnight Visits:Minimum $85 per night (9 pm to 8 am) for 1-2 pets. $2 for each additional pet. An additional mid-day or dinner visit is available at a reduced rate.

Tuck In Service:We will check on your babies before night night. Service begins after 9 pm starting at $34 (1-2 pets)  $2 each additional pet.

Mountin Tails Holidays Schedule includes:July 4th wknd, Memorial Day wknd,  Labor Day wknd, Thanksgiving Day (incl. holiday weekend) , Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (incl. holiday weekend), New Years Eve, New Years Day (incl. holiday weekend).

Please let us know if you have special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We look forward to serving you!

Your Pet Profile: 

In order for us to provide consistent and thorough service, we keep a Pet Profile for each client on record with detailed information about your precious pets. Our policy is to record your veterinarian's name, address and phone number with  an authorization form that allows Mountin Tails to act on your behalf for your pet, should a medical emergency arise. The profile will outline specific details about any medications and dosages needed, the location of food and where pets are to be fed and watered, specifics about where supplies are located and any personal instructions about your pets preferences and needs. We will also keep basic household information on file, as determined. You may update your details on your online Pet Portal at any time of the day or night.

Mountin Tails utilizes an online system to retain client information, but we respect your privacy and will never give it to a third party without your consent.  It can be accessed remotely, as needed.

Clients may submit their own service request via computer through our contact page any time of the day or night. 

Terms of Service:  

Payment is due prior to start of scheduled service.

Cancellation Policy:  Once Mountin Tails' services are scheduled, it is unlikely a slot can be filled if services are cancelled without sufficient notice.  Mountin Tails requires a minimum of 5 days cancellation notice for scheduled services during Holidays, 72 hours notice at other general times during the year. If you provide less than 5 days notice during holidays, the cancellation fee is 50% of the total due for all scheduled services. At any time, if less than 24 hours notice is given, full payment for scheduled services will be required. 

Key Program:  The Mountin Tails Key Program makes it easy and convenient to leave town or work late without having to meet us for a key exchange.  Keys are kept in a lock box when not in use. All keys are tagged with pet names for your security. If for any reason you are called away suddenly, there is no need to try to coordinate to get a key to Mountin Tails before you depart. If you elect not to utilize the key program, a fee to cover time and fuel will be assessed for each pick up and drop off of your keys.

Service Area:  Our service area covers The Colony, W Frisco, NW Plano, Far N Dallas, Little Elm, Castle Hills, and E Lewisville.